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Some Inspiration:

Koi (Of course)

Casa Zimbabwe

Wiz Khalifa - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor * actually Wiz Khalifa only smokes pay-purs, nvm

These kind of accessories 

Coco Rosie - Werewolf

These kinds of pants

Spending months in these types of environments - wtf is this. East coaster cannot relate

Eugene Saturday Market

Animal Collective - Feels 


Talking about this at parties

Not vaccinating your children- I don’t think they care either way. 

Referring to the earth as “she” 

The politics of Ben and Jerry

This fucker

Having no sense of social responsibility

This type of beauty 

The Grossest Blunt Ever (Schapiro Bliss)

Everyone in Schapiro Bliss was at one point going to Berkeley. Everyone at some point had a job. Now some people work, some others are just taking some time off to do music, and some are enrolled. Many situations had reversed for the friends who inhabited the small commune on the edge of the campus. But at SB, one thing was for certain, everyone threw $5 on the table at the end of the day. Everyone kicked it at 11pm. Some woke up, many stopped their work, some domed forties the way through. And it should be known that UC Berkeley is a challenging school and the Bay Area pace of life is not for everyone. BayLife as the students chose to call it. New Prison as they chose to refer to their school. Learning should come naturally here - no books, no real world experience - just through the eyes of soul, as a living breathing seer. But regardless of all that, everyone threw $5 and everyone got high.

Damien was the guy who chose to roll joints with bible pages. Tina gave good blow-backs. Chris didn’t trim his fingernails which became yellow from picking stems out of the weed. Brandon was the plug. Everyone called him cute patricentric names like Mufasa, Da’, or Papa. Brandon had a hook up in the Emerald Triangle. “That’s real-ass Nor Cal up there,” he would said. “BayLife is it’s own thing.”

By now most people had moved on from weed. Tina swore only by other hallucinogens and would even say, “Keep your coke up out of Schappy!” But she was real and spoke of her past. Her history with xanax was tragic and ongoing. She also liked to do cocaine at parties. “Fuck you fool, you always get me with this,” she would say. Her smile was sleepy eyed, between her gauges.

Chris was a chem student and socially, was extremely unequip. His sole friendship with the commune was formulated by his knowledge of drugs. He only listened to music the friends showed him though once tried to do the mastering for a hip hop EP Damien made called “Idealocentrism Vision”.

Trenton (Tre): Sage wisdom.  Used to party, beyond that now, still sometimes goes to parties though.  Seems like he has been this legit forever.  Easily found not to be be the case if you click backwards through his tagged photos: Snapback, casual misogyny, pills, San Diego.  Swapped out his diamond studs for these second semester (fake).


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9yVkfyxlVU :20 - :23 - is my crush should I comment asking her where abouts guys. She left the school after that year never to be heard from ever again… xoxoxoxo marc matchak 751 bushwick avenue brooklyn ny - comment that

Should I include the time she appears on the video? Maybe

“To Whom It May Concern: If anyone can tell me more information about the girl who appears at the 20th second and speaks until the 23rd second about her Jewish Origins class, I would greatly appreciate it. You see, I went to school with her for one year. We lived in the same dorm building. (MARC MATCHAK SECOND FLOOR ROOM 1 MANZANITA DORM - FOREST SIDE OF CAMPUS, LEWIS AND CLARK COLLEGE STUDENT FROM 2012-2015) Anyway, we lived in the same dorm building and I would give her small hellos and daily smiles but for reasons I will not disclose,(hmmmm) at the time I should not have engaged any further than that - and did not. Not wanting what could have been to get away, I would like to contact her again, and hey you know what, give her another hello - just that.

My friend’s housemate was dating a 27 year old British man named Liam who lived on a trailer on a farm and his parents wired him money from England and he painted a picture of Hillary Clinton getting murdered

Why did you format that like this? - may we see a pic of the painting?

EXPIRATION DATES ARE A LIE.¹  OUR FOOD IS NATURAL AND DOES NOT “GO BAD”, DESPITE WHAT THESE FUCKERS WANT YOU TO THINK.  Did the cavemen need a refrigerator?  I have had one bottle of skim milk, 10 weeks now that I still drink from DAILY.  WAKE UP The magic begins in you. Feel your own energy and realize similar energy exists within the Earth, stones, plants, water, wind, fire, colours and animals.

Source¹: my old (college) roommate Zelda (from LA but lived on farm W.O.O.F(?)ing for 3 months.)

Fuck ppl from LA who mov to SF

Thoughts on crystals??

We should all become crystal people.

I knew a lot of “crystal people” in Portland and they weren’t mellow

In another scenario one of the people in the commune gets in a debate with a “rational” libertarian on campus about their validity. And they end it with like, “Fuck you fool, believe in magic.”

Very into new age pyramid schemes